York County ARES was re-formed in September of 2016 after over a year of inactivity. Jason Cote, W1WDW stepped up and filled the open Emergency Coordinator position and brought a group of local radio amateurs back together into a strong group.

York County ARES has operational agreements with York County Emergency Management Agency to provide supplemental communications at their request. YCARES also activates at the request of the National Weather Service to provide damage reports during severe weather.

Interested in joining York County ARES? Fill out the membership form and the York County Emergency Coordinator will contact you.

York County ARES Net

York County ARES holds a weekly net on its primary repeater 145.410MHz (-) (T103.5Hz) on Thursday evenings at 7pm. All radio amateurs are welcomed and encouraged to check into the net whether ARES members or not. The York County ARES net also accepts NTS radiogram traffic and will pass that traffic to the section traffic …