BLIZZARD WARNING – March 13, 2018

York County ARES has been activated at the request of the National Weather Service. A winter storm warning is in effect for our area and a blizzard warning has been issued for coastal zones. High winds are expected and power outages are likely with this storm. SKYWARN operations nets will be called on various area repeaters throughout the event. Spotters are asked to report precipitation totals and damage reports via standard reporting methods.



York County ARES has been activated at the request of the National Weather Service in Gray. A Winter Storm Warning will take effect tonight at midnight for snowfall amounts forecast to exceed 12″ in most areas. Spotters are urged to report totals and damage to the NWS via area nets or traditional methods.





York County ARES has been activated at the request of the NWS. A winter storm warning and coastal flood warning are in effect for our area. Snowfall accumulations exceeding 15″ and approaching 20″ are expected. High winds are also expected and could cause power outages, blizzard condition are also possible. A regional net will be called on various local repeaters and will be run by WSSM on behalf of the NWS. DMR talkgroup will be region north. All reports are welcomed.




March 8th Meeting Postponed

Due to the impending winter storm, the March 8th meeting of York County ARES is being moved the the following Thursday, March 15th at it’s regular time and location. Stay tuned to this site and social media for possible skywarn activations.


Skywarn Activation Requested – March 3, 2018


Good morning,

We would like to request SKYWARN activation for the nor’easter affecting the region from today through tomorrow. This storm will mainly impact southern New Hampshire and coastal Maine. Concerns along the coast include high winds which may result in downed trees and power outages, and coastal flooding. High tide is at approx 11am and 11pm today and storm surge and powerful wind and waves is expected to result in significant erosion.  In southwest New Hampshire, heavy wet snow, especially at higher elevation may lead to scattered power outages.

As always, our highest concern is your safety. Please do NOT go through any flood waters, area beaches or anywhere else where you might feel unsafe. We would appreciate any reports including post storm damage photos you may be able to get, and you are welcome to email them to us here or call ( or 207-688-3224). We would welcome anyone with interest in running a net from the office WX1GYX station, however with the late notice I realize that a net from home is probably the most practical and safe choice.


Margaret KC1DFQ

NWS Gray


Message from Yankee Skywarn

SKYWARN activation is requested to monitor for reports of wind damage and coastal flooding. If anyone is able to, please activate local weather nets to facilitate the collection of reports and forward by phone or email. I will make an attempt to get on DMR during breaks from work, but we will need more help then that, including monitoring public service frequencies for reports of damage, closed roads, and flooding.

Below is a link to the NWS Gray Hazardous Weather Outlook:

Hazardous Weather Outlook

Net Control Scripts for severe weather events are available here.

Reports may be emailed at any time to:

Be alert and stay safe.


Tim Watson

ALERT 1 – EOC Activation – 3/2/2018

York County ARES is at Level 1 Alert status. York County EOC will be activated Friday morning at 0930 in response to the coastal storm. EMA personnel will be coordinating with local emergency service agencies. York County ARES has not been notified of an activation, however all members should monitor communications methods closely in case of a sudden request for activation.

Skywarn has not yet been activated, and updates will be posted as conditions change.

$$ W1WDW

SKYWARN Activation – Winter Storm Warning 2/7/2018

York County ARES is activated at the request of the National Weather Service. A winter storm warning has been issued for our area until 11 pm Wednesday night. Snowfall accumulations in excess of 11 inches is possible. Spotters are requested to relay their reports to WFO Gray via telephone, radio or social media.

LEVEL 1 ALERT – EOC Activated – January 4, 2017

York County ARES has moved to a level 1 alert. York County Emergency Management has activated their EOC and is currently coordinating with local agencies and responders. York County ARES has not been advised of a pending activation but all members should be prepared for a possible level 2 or level 3 activation.

York County ARES is currently activated at the request of the Nation Weather Service as a result of the Blizzard Warning currently in effect for our area. The following weather warnings and advisories are currently in effect for our area:

  • Blizzard Warning
  • Coastal Flood Warning
  • Hurricane Force Wind Warning

Heavy snow and high winds are expected, travel will be near impossible at times except with heavy 4×4 vehicles. Power outages are expected. In the event of the loss of the primary ARES repeater, operations will work on the secondary ARES repeater or primary simplex frequency. Refer to the York County ARES Communications Plan for detailed information.

This information is current as of 1000 and will be updated as necessary.

$$ W1WDW

BLIZZARD WARNING – January 4, 2018

York County ARES is activated at the request of the National Weather Service. A Blizzard Warning is in effect from noon on Thursday until 0100 Friday. Winds as high as 50mph and snow accumulations of up to 12 inches are possible with this storm. Blowing and drifting snow will result in whiteout conditions and travel will be dangerous or impossible. Spotter are encouraged to make snowfall and damage reports to the NWS according to standard operating procedures.

$$ W1WDW


The national Weather Service has upgraded the winter storm warning to a blizzard warning for counties in southern and western Maine. Skywarn spotters are requested to make snowfall, wind and damage reports to the NWS per normal operating procedures.